About Us

Wellgoods Cypressa

Wellgoods aim to satisfy consumers who are looking for quality products at competitive prices. They were founded in 1972 as part of the Lordos Organization, which since 1936 has proven to be an important force in Cyprus’s business society.

Wellgoods stores have been offering for over three decades to professionals and ordinary consumers a huge range of fresh and frozen products at the best market prices, always relying on quality, consistency and impeccable customer service. At the same time, at Wellgoods it is a key priority to ensure that all products are subject to stringent quality controls from production point to point of sale. Wellgoods stores are located in all the cities of Cyprus, winning the appreciation and preference of the consumer.

One can find exclusively premium products such as SEAFRESH fish and seafood, vegetables from LACHANOKIPOS and renowned American and Australian beef fillets BLACK ANGUS as well as the new revolutionary BEYOND MEAT BURGER and BEYOND SAUSAGE!

Taking care of our customers is our top priority. Wellgoods are designed to satisfy consumers of different needs and preferences, while at the same time offering a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

Wellgoods’ priorities remain ‘work in progress’ as they aim to surprise and consistently satisfy their consumers.